Trying the new Qobuz Player Widget for an epic music experience!

Logo Qobuz Player Widget 2013

Qobuz-2013 recently released its new version of its Qobuz Player Widget.

The old one being in flash, a new html5 version is warmly welcomed to allow for better cross-platform support (hey iOS maniacs!) ;)
Enough talk, more show!

**EDIT** : Since Nov, 2014, the widget has been once again updated and now supports flac 16bits 44.1Khz streaming. It also has a new design

Eventhough it lacks a few feature, it is already a major step forward, and far enough for your everyday music listening!
I am looking forward to trying its coming new features (hopefully more templates, css customization, maybe HD streaming?)

So what’s in this new Qobuz Player Widget?

Apart from the usual widgets stuffs (play/pause, next/previous, etc), you will find a set of interesting features.

Load a Playlist, an album or just a track

The new Qobuz Widget allows you to choose what you really want to show to your readers, be it:

  • a Playlist
  • an Album
  • or a simple Track

Adapting to the content’s size (from a playist to a single track), the widget will (or at least should) keep a coherent display without you having to do anything special.
Also note that while there is, at the moment, only one Qobuz Widget template, more should come along the way as well as more skins and a css customization interface!

Direct Links to the main player and/or website of Qobuz

A widget is a nice way to listen to some music from somewhere in the Internet, a kind of “remote” listening, but in order to benefit from all the Qobuz Player functionalities, you need a real application, something bigger, with more features, possibilities and a better readbility. That is why most of the links of the widget can get you to the real Qobuz Player, you are just one click away from the real thing.

Ability to purchase a track or an album

While reading your favorite blog, they feature an artist you do not have in your collection… Good news! you can directly go to and purchase this artist/album/track at its best quality without having to search over the whole Internet. Again, you are only one click away from your Music!
While I may have a biased opinion about the interest of purchasing music and while it is not the topic of this post, I would like to share (really fast) my views…
I do not believe that everything should be free, it is not a virtuous circle… Eventhough it looks like it.
Paying cheap for a product means two things :

  • The quality is cheap, ie. mp3 compression
  • The people in the chain, behind the scene, are paid less

So what? Well as a matter of fact #1 might not really be an issue, sometimes one might prefer cheap quality over high quality. However, I strongly believe that #2 is important, as in turn, the people being paid less will also want to buy for a cheaper price (maybe the product YOU are doing), and so YOU will end up being paid less too, etc.
Of course, it does not mean that one should pay a high price either, I believe we should be paying the right price…
Easier said than done, I do agree. What is the right price anyway?
Well I would consider that it is the fair price. One where you think it is in phase with the value you believe the product holds.
One where it is transparently said how this price is shared among the people in the chain, so you know how much the artist gets, how much are to cover the real costs, etc.
While it might sound like an utopia, I would like to point out that more and more game companies are proposing humble packages, where you not only pay the amount you want, but also (sometimes) decide how it should be split among the people in the chain….
Now, enough with the lecture :D Let’s go back to the main topic!

You already have a Qobuz account?

You might wonder how having a Qobuz account could change your experience with the Qobuz Widget?
At the time this article has been written, you cannot yet login FROM the widget, but it should come soon.
If you are logged in on, the widget will detect it and will give you additional features!
For instance you can only add one track at a time to any of your existing playlists but there is no doubt that in a near futur you could manage entirely your playlist directly from the widget! (create new ones, add a complete album to a playlist or even a playlist to a playlist)

How to install the new Qobuz Widget?

As a matter of fact, it is quite easy. You can go on browse any album you like. On the album pages, you will find a track list and at the bottom of this track list an “export” button. Click on this export button, a popup will open allowing you to choose between the new widget or the old one depending on your preference. Note that if you are a Qobuz registered member, you can also link your widget to a playlist rather than a album. In order to do so, you can replace the word album by playlist in the href attribute of the iframe, and the album id by the playlist id.

What alternatives do we have?

Coming soon…

And what would be a plus?

Definitly, for Qobuz users, the ability to play flac, high quality lossless music!

Fully managing playlists (create new ones, add an album or a playlist from the widget to an existing playlist or new ones).

A great addition would be to add the possibility to switch from mp3 quality to flac from the widget directly (or use the Qobuz user player preferences?).

Being able to add a playlist, an album or a track to your favorites would also be nice aswell.

There are many other options that could be add, hopefully they will during this year :)

In conclusion

Eventhough it is still in its early stages, this new widget is promising and should bring a better experience than the previous flash one.
This player should be a good base for Qobuz user to start enjoying their music on all the Qobuz partners websites.
If it is only mp3 quality for now, it should bring high fidelity music to all of us, hopefully this year.

For more information about Qobuz, visit their official website

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6 Responses to Trying the new Qobuz Player Widget for an epic music experience!

  1. Christoph Heilmann says:


    I suppose you are a web developer at Qobuz. So maybe you can anser my question. I own a chromebook and want to stream lossless flac files. I know that ChromeOS is not yet supported, but will you stream flac files through the Qobuz web player in the future? I think flac streaming would be technically not a problem when you use HTML 5 and a javascript decoder like flac.js.

    With kind regards,
    Christoph Heilmann

    • PEM says:

      Hello Christoph,

      I am, indeed, a developer at Qobuz. Streaming flac is in our plans and todo list.
      However I cannot give any formal release yet.
      Regarding the technical aspect, eventhough there are solutions available on the market, it is not only about “playing” a flac with javascript.
      One has to also make sure you can play big/huge flac (some tracks are really big in size) with a consistent quality of service / user experience.
      Browser memory should not be blown by the player, freezing the computer, etc.
      We know that many people are waiting for such a feature and, believe me, we really are dedicated to bringing the best possible music listening experience to the web. So, yes, you can expect us to do it, as of “when?” I have no answer at the time you will read these lines.
      I will make sure to post news about the topic when I have more information.

  2. Christoph Heilmann says:

    Hello PEM,

    there will be many Chromebooks launched into the market this year (see So I think that this operation system will play an important role in the future. Maybe you can make a Chrome OS app for lossless streaming. The Flac codec is supported by Chrome OS, look at

    With kind regards,
    Christoph Heilmann

    • PEM says:

      Hello Christoph,

      First, I would like to apologize for the very late reply.
      Your comment was in between a mountain of spam comments and I just recently took upon myself to clean up the pending comments :)

      Regarding the Flac streaming, it has just recently been announced that we would provide it in our web players (, the new widget, and the player in the album pages).
      So I guess that, just surfing with the Chromebook, using your usual browser would allow you to naturally listen to Flac Lossless streams.

      If you have the opportunity to test it (the web flac player should be live very soon), please feel free to email me directly about your results ;)
      Best regards,

      • Christoph Heilmann says:


        I’ve tested it and the Flac streaming works flawlessly. The only issue would be the gaps between the tracks. I think it would be good for a gapless playback if all tracks of an album could be downloaded at once and stored locally (with FileSytem API).

        With kind regards,
        Christoph Heilmann

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