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PHP : Welcome to WonderLand, where Magic really exists !

Hello everybody, This morning, I encountered one of the magical PHP feature that transforms things into others like alchemist dreamt on doing, centuries ago (except for I ended up with crap instead of gold, but who cares ?) :) To … Continue reading

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Dojo goes Disco !

Hello everybody, Though this code snippet might not be the most usefull, it could still help in some cases. Here i will show you a funny example to make your app go disco ! Warning: The following demos in this … Continue reading

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To do or not to do (a code blog), that was the question…

Hello to whoever might end up reading this post :) I have been thinking about writing a code blog for a long time now, but always ended up telling myself I was not knowledgeable enough to do so. Not that … Continue reading

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